We are not alone

Believe it or not, there are a few game development groups near Tulsa. First up, obviously, is Oklahoma Game Developers. They meet regularly in Oklahoma City. Just a few hours east, we have the newly formed Northwest Arkansas Game Developers. And a few more hours northeast is the St Louis Game Developer Co-op. The St. Louis folks even have their own YouTube channel (see above). It’s worth keeping an eye on (and so is ours!).

All of these groups are super friendly, and it’s worth reaching out to say hello. Makes some friends, and make some games!

Care for some YouTube?

Did you know that TGD has a YouTube channel? Well, we do! Not too many videos on there just yet, but we do have a handful of tutorials and event recaps, and we’ve recently started streaming and recording our monthly meetings. Check it out, won’t you?

Got suggestions on what you’d like to see featured? Leave some comments on our channel! And of course you can hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.